Attracting bigger strategic partners, influence, brand recognition and sales requires an integrative approach with a comprehensive strategic plan.

Meet the trainers, consultants and strategists on our team: 

Christina Daves

PR, Branding & Influence Strategist

Christina, together with her clients, has over 1 billion views and generated over $100 million in sales from free publicity.  

She is a DIY-PR Strategist, is the best-selling author of, PR for Anyone™ - 100+ Affordable Ways to Easily Create Buzz for Your Business, and the #1 best-selling book, The DIY Guide to FREE Publicity that shares her journey of landing exposure for a product she invented,  

She has personally appeared in over 1,000 local and national media outlets and is a regular contributor on Good Morning Washington.  

Charmaine Hammond

Partnership and Sponsorship Development

20+ years experience in building lucrative collaborations to accelerate business growth.    

As executive producer of "Back Home Again" movie, Charmaine built the collaborations, partnerships and sponsorships needed for production, marketing, education resources and the launch of this non-profit movie . The all-star cast includes Howie Mandel, Catherine O’Hara, Michael J. Fox and Eugene Levy, and more..    

A professional speaker, bestselling author, Charmaine has shared the stage with global leaders like Lisa Nichols, and has been featured in books with Deepak Chopra & Jack Canfield.

Tania Sterl

Style Strategist

Tania Sterl is a former fashion designer whose designs were worn by TV personalities like Deborah Norville of Inside Edition, the Fox News Team, and TV shows like What Not to Wear. Her designs were also featured in magazines from Marie Claire to Essence, showing individuals how to showcase themselves with style.  

Now a New York City-based style strategist, fashion expert, speaker, and co-author, Tania shows professionals how to elevate their image and presence so that executives, partners, and thought leaders are perceived as the authorities they truly are. 

Dana Pharant

Mindset, Business Performance & Negotiation Coach

A 30 year business woman who built a 7-figure business, Dana Pharant has a proven track record of supporting her clients to add 11-58% top line revenue, and 23-102% to the bottom line profits... while learning to work less, delegate more, be stronger leaders, and feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Trusted advisor and coach to high achieving executives/ owners, she is masterful at supporting her clients to break through mindset traps and own their power so they can scale to greater levels of success with ease.  

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