Your audience will experience a sparkling, informative and unforgettable event with Cindy's signature blend of powerful presentation techniques paired with songs, comedic tales, and uplifting stories.

Teaching Presentation, Storytelling, Influence & Sales... with a splash of entertainment!

Book Cindy for Virtual & Live Keynotes & Seminars, Emceeing or her One Woman Musical Show. All customized for maximum interactivity, learning, engagement and joy.

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Topics Related to Presentation, Sales & Influence

sPEAK FROM YOUR POWER: Presentation Strategies to Optimize Your Impact & Drive Revenue Higher  

Sales conversations, strategic plans and presentations need to be communicated in a way that builds authentic connections. This talk will help you use your presence, speaking voice and body language to lead listeners to take-action on what you have to say.

In the Zone: Relaxation Techniques to Be a Top Performer working in a virtual world

Stress levels are high in the world which decreases the ability to focus, be in your power and present yourself effectively. This talk will teach you how to be in the zone, build connection and communicate effectively, especially virtually, so you can boost sales and productivity.

Story-tell to Sell: Capture Attention, Establish Credibility & Be Memorable

 In attempting to get buy-in, most leaders and salespeople rattle off boring facts, credentials, benefits and other dry material. This talk will show you how to deliver value and build trust so you can develop the relationship that gets the sale and maintains a long-term client.

Topics Related to Inspiration, Diversity & Optimism

Read Cindy's amazing story of living with lifelong illness and what she has been able to accomplish >> HERE

One Woman Music Show: Liberate Your Voice
(can be adapted to a keynote)

Every person battles their own challenges that are quite often ‘invisible’ to others. This sassy, gutsy and touching musical show shares deep wisdom around how to be seen and let your voice be heard when you are navigating obstacles that are unseen.  

When life goes sideways: Create Extraordinary Opportunities in the Face of Challenges

Sometimes life hits you in the gut and everything spins out of control. In this talk, you will learn how to move powerfully past the pain to spark your creativity, passion and genius. The result? The opportunity to create remarkable solutions and rise up!

Living outside the lines: be seen, Heard & Achieve While Living with Invisible Illness

When dealing with invisible illness, such as cancer or heart problems, people shut down, feel isolated and become less productive. In this talk, learn tools to support invisibly ill co-workers & employees to have a voice, create sustainable solutions and achieve.

 "Cindy was the BEST speaker our 12 year event has had to date. She  was memorable – which is always a huge plus. Our attendees were inspired by her  story and her ability to motivate them in her very unique way. Her talents are diverse and her content is RIGHT on for today’s world.We would have her back in a heartbeat.." 

Alison Ruday
Executive VP at Canyon View Capital and Past President of the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce

 "Cindy spoke at our national conference. She was one of our top rated of the 21 speakers because she knew how to tune into the needs of the audience and give them specific strategies they could use in business right away. Plus she was highly entertaining!"

Susan Combs
Past President of Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS) & President of Combs & Co.

 "Cindy Ashton is about passion, personality and possibilities! As a featured guest at our Nursing Week
Celebrations, she wowed us with her storytelling and incredible vocals. I saw people laugh and dance who I have never seen laugh before. Her positive energy is contagious.You truly believe in the possibilities and promise life has to offer after you've spent time with Cindy."

Barb Godfrey
Princess Margaret Hospital