Your voice, your ideas, your mission matter. What you have to say deserves to be heard so you can make the impact you long to. I know this all too well from personal experience.    

The doctors told my parents that I had a 20% chance of living due to heart failure and damage caused to the left side of my body.    

The wonders of modern surgery managed to save my life, however the multiple stays in the hospital as a small child were far from fun or empowering.  

Living with an "invisible' illness my whole life, I heard things like this over and over...    

➡️Doctor to Nurse:  “See this on the monitor. Someone died of this last week.”    

➡️Me: “I have a heart condition. I need rest.”  

Teachers, friends, family & colleagues:  “You look fine. Don’t be such a drama queen.”    

Speaking up and not being heard silenced me millions of times.  

Trying to get my voice heard, especially when people couldn't see the 'sickness,' has fueled me to make sure that your voice is not silenced.  

I know how much it costs, financially, emotionally and in lost relationships when we are not being heard in a way that allows us to be seen and thrive.

➡️It made me committed to:  

🎤Having the courage to liberate my voice and self-express no matter what.
🎤Learning the art, science and craft on everything to do with speaking voice, body language, presence, storytelling and messaging.
🎤Performing works that bring joy, heal and/or contribute to positive cultural/societal change.
🎤Training others (for almost 25 years!) on how to speak from their power, get their voices heard, be influential and have an impact with their business/message.
🎤Healing others with my book and one-woman musical show, Liberate Your Voice.

THIS is why I am so dang ambitious and fierce about my career and working with clients who are mission-aligned. 

Performing at Times Square Fashion Week in honor of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the  re-opening of Broadway.

Our amazing clients learning how to embody their message and speak it from their power.

Speaking from your power & growing your impact is about breaking the rules and amplifying you and business' best YOU!

To work with me you must have the courage to try new things, to be teachable, and to have some fun because I can’t give you anything canned or posed. That’s robotic speaker training and it makes you uncomfortable with who you are. You feel forced to be the “perfect” presenter. You feel inauthentic.  

You also have the mental stress of, ‘what happens if I get it wrong?’ You get so stuck in your head and afraid to veer off the rules that you stop listening and connecting with your client, audience or listener. You are also carrying anxiety and stress that pushes them away.

It’s about going:

    -> off script because you need to be able to respond to your listener in the moment
    -> off etiquette because you need to adapt to their style
    -> off perfection because your quirks and “faults” are usually where your brilliance lies!

 And where the people you are looking to influence will connect with you on a human level.

When you are willing to go this deep, to be this present in who you are, and to really listen to your clients and colleagues, you attract people who are so compelled by you that they take your lead-in sales, in the boardroom , on video, in the media or from the stage... and getting your mission out to the world.

My Clients

After you work with me, people will hear your message, your impact will grow, you will make more money, you’ll be able to kick ass in all your presentations, and your team will follow through with ease, but the rest of your life will change too.  I’ve had people’s relationships improve and some of my clients even attract their life partners more easily!

I love my clients. I love seeing them find their power and a new depth to themselves and what they’re capable of because everyone deserves to be loved and honored for who they are. And ever human deserves to feel like they are making a contribution.

My clients have such big vision and they’re sassy and they’re fun! They want to go out and make a bigger impact on the world with their mission. They’re meant to soar!

If you are too, let’s talk! 
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  • 25 years of experience in the areas of presentation skills, speaking voice, body language, marketing messaging, storytelling, content delivery, and leadership presence.
  • Degree in Kinesiology, specializing in Relaxation Therapy.
  • 20+ years of keynote speaking, leading presentation training and developing strategy for companies such as MetLife, Royal LePage, and the University of Toronto.
  • Former educational consultant for the Royal Conservatory of Music, specializing in teaching educators how to build curriculum that integrates all 8 learning styles - nationally published twice.
  • 25 years as a performing artist working with Broadway directors, Emmy winners, and more. Latest performance was the opener performer for Times Square Fashion Week.
  • Award-winning TV host of “Cindy Uncorked” - won the Telly Award for Social Issues in 2018, alongside CBS News. And interviewing countless celebrities on the red carpet at the Oscar, Grammy Parties and more. 
  • Author of “Liberate Your Voice: How to Trust Your Power in a World That Shuts You Down.”
  • Awards from President Obama and Queen Elizabeth II for my volunteer work.
  • Appeared in multiple media, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Inc. Magazine, and Forbes

"Cindy helped me put real feeling and bring out me in my speech. The greatest feedback I had from the CEO of my association is that it was one of the best speeches he had heard in the last 10 years. Cindy helped me write something that speaks to me, speaks to my true  passion and my vision as a person. It has been a great experience. I  highly recommend her." 

Debbie Thompson
Past President of Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario &  Director of Manager of Risk & Insurance at the Ontario Ministry of  Government and Consumer Services