"I I have been a professional speaker for many years and I was always a few steps away from really “making it”. I knew that I had an interesting and unique story but I really didn’t know how to communicate my message in a more powerful way. I felt I was missing something  and not able to really connect with my audience.  

Enter Cindy Ashton… Cindy watched an hour and a half of my material and was able to analyze line by line of my Keynote in order to improve it in structure, delivery and stage craft.   She restructured my messaging so that I was able to deliver more value to my clients and connect on a much deeper level with my audience.  I have delivered several talks since our coaching sessions and seriously… Mind blown!  

Cindy genius helped me to create a whole new experience.  The messaging is deeply impacting and helping the people who hear my Keynote.  I have received phenomenal feedback not only from the audience but from the meeting planners and conference organizers that has hired me.    

Even if you are not a speaker by profession… The gifts that Cindy brings to her work will elevate your communication whether it be one on one or 1 to 1000.    I highly recommend working with Cindy and engaging in her program."

Susan Frew
CEO & President of Sunshine Plumbing Heating Air  & Professional Speaker

 "I have paid tens of thousands of dollars to go to other programs and I didn’t get what I got from my first meeting with you. This is different. This is the real deal. Cindy, you understand the process behind speaking and how to make money at it. It’s about sales conversions as well as speaking training. There are a lot of people who talk about speaking but they don’t know how to teach it. It’s about how you use voice, body language, story and messaging in all parts of your business, not just on stage. With you, within 3 months, I can already attribute $600,000 in sales in the next year from what we are doing now." 

Doug Brown
Former President of Sales for Tony Robbins & CEO of Business Success Factors

 "I just spent an amazing two days with Cindy. What Cindy does different  that most other people is helping get your inner voice out and the best way to position yourself so you can deliver the maximum amount of value to your audience. She is also teaching us how to use presentation skills to boost sales.

Dr. Terence Young, MD
OBGYN, Keynote Speaker & Coach

 "I have had speaking training – I knew the routine of speaking. Cindy, you come from a different aspect as you are a performer. The performance part is how I take my body, not from a methodical standpoint but to enable my presence to become authentic, vibrant and engage my audience. I am able to captivate and convert and use my voice so that the audience I am speaking to, wants to work with me. I love working with you, it's transformational and fun!"

Claudia Harvey
CEO of Dig It® Apparel, Keynote Speaker, Philanthropist & Investor

"Cindy wowed the crowd at a recent National Speaker's Association event in New York City.  She generously shared the most powerful tips to engage and interact with the audience by modeling it in her presentation. She was brilliant, believable and bold!  I left lifted and armed with new strategies to improve my speaking. Thank you, Cindy for your power and positivity!" 

Jeanne M. Stafford
President-Elect of the National Speaker's Association 

 "I had the pleasure of joining a course led by Cindy Ashton. My expectations were normal for a course, and this was anything but normal. The framework and content are structured so that you actually built a better platform, created a sound marketing strategy, and gained insights to speaking that only an accomplished ground breaking presence like Cindy can provide. For me, the most rewarding and enriching element was the live course work where we interacted with other colleagues. The dialogue was innovative, as it was a safe space for exploring, reflecting, challenging, and real learning.  As a class, we made each other better.  All this with lots of laughter and time flying by. A solid core curriculum, only strengthened by Cindy's insightful and supportive guiding hand. Highly recommended for anyone  starting in the field or wanting to up their game." 

Paul Rosenberg
Tertia Oculus Business Synergies

"As a breast cancer surgeon, I give many talks regarding breast cancer.  My reviews have always been good so I was quite skeptical when my Dad told me I should work with a coach. Wow…what a difference after just one  session with Cindy! I was not aware of the subtle things I had been doing that rendered my presentations less effective.  Working with Cindy has been tremendously helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her. She has a magical way of getting you incorporate new skills in record time."

Dr. Tihesha Wison, MD
Medical Director, Comprehensive Breast Program at Jupiter Medical Center

"Cindy has taken me from a nervous, presenter, uncomfortable in front of a camera, to a confident business woman who can develop a message and present it on video to capture attention in my real estate market. Cindy is a miracle worker!! Working with her was empowering and fun. I always felt she had my back and kept my best interests to the forefront." 

Deirdre Slowey
Real Estate Broker

"Cindy spoke at our national conference & the ratings are in – 4.67 of 5 stars! She conducted a very engaging, dynamic breakout on how to Present, Connect, Grow. This was an excellent topic for our organization that is comprised of successful women in financial services who are always looking for more strategies on how to present themselves in a way to connect authentically with potential clients. She was one of our top rated of the 21 speakers because she knew how to tune into the needs of the audience and give them specific strategies they could use in their business right away. Plus she was highly entertaining!" 

Susan Combs
Past President of Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS) & President of Combs & Co.

 "I knew the sales process inside and out but was only getting average results. After only 5 sessions with Cindy Ashton, my close rate doubled. The missing piece was how to present myself in a way that forms a deeper connection with my prospects so they feel compelled to buy. She really is the go-to woman for excellent results." 

Paul Fernandez
CEO & Designer at Kitchen Koncierge

 "Working with Cindy Ashton was one of the single most game changing steps we took in our business development. With the wealth of content that we had, we had a habit of fire hosing our clients with too much information. Working with Cindy gave us the confidence we needed to literally embody and voice our pioneering expertise, to which there is a lot of education. Cindy also taught us how to structure our talks in ways that drew our clients and had them asking for more information, more time with us and more support from us. There are many speaker trainers, but I have always found the majority of them to train people to sound canned, not natural and way too manufactured. Cindy helped us find our natural flow, our innate confidence and ability to grow our business through the skills she taught us. We have recommended many people to her...all of which have been just as ecstatic as we have been at the results!" 

Katy Bray and Zebulon Severson
Founders of Lead With The Lights On Consulting

"Cindy Ashton is the speaking coach you need to get to 'amazing'! I am a confident speaker but wanted to get to the next level. I also had some stories inside of me that I just couldn't get out. I worked with Cindy in her' Persuade Group' and I am overwhelmed with how much Cindy shared in this program and how much I have learned. It's not just about speaking on stage but presence, authenticity, confidence and the story development. Cindy caters it all in a focused, fun and completely dedicated manner. When you are ready to invest in yourself, call Cindy and be prepared to elevate yourself wildly." 

Lotte Struwing
HR Consultant, Coach and Business Partner

"I have had the pleasure of experiencing Cindy Ashton present twice now and both times I have walked away inspired by her energy and ability to connect with her audience. We recently had Cindy join us at our Royal LePage National Sales Conference. Our Realtors loved Cindy and received very valuable insights about body language and how to increase their persuasiveness.....key elements in sales!

Christine Nattrass
Events Director, Royal LePage Canada

 "Cindy helped me put real feeling and bring out me in my speech. The greatest feedback I had from the CEO of my association is that it was one of the best speeches he had heard in the last 10 years. Cindy helped me write something that speaks to me, speaks to my true passion and my vision as a person. It has been a great experience. I highly recommend her." 

Debbie Thompson
Past President of Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario & Director of Manager of Risk & Insurance at the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services

 "As a speaker from stage, I have had the opportunity to train with some really great speakers but Cindy took it to a whole new level. She brought it to how to present on stage from a connection with the audience standpoint - how to get deep inside yourself, how to feel the stage, how to feel the audience and resonate yourself and your skills to the people you are presenting it to. It has been a phenomenal time. I know it will increase my conversions rate." 

Craig Dunkerley
CEO & Partner, BG Wealth Group, Investor, Speaker & Multi-Business Owner

 "Cindy Ashton is a dynamic speaker coach. Since I have been working with her, my ability to command the stage and convert sales has gone up at least 200%. I am way more comfortable and confident on stage and on camera and my talks and videos have a flow that gets my message across with clarity that captivates the audience.   It has been so much fun to work with her and I love how she brings in her unconventional style and pulls out the best in me and does not try to make me fit a mold." 

Dana Pharant
Trusted Advisor and Business Performance Coach

 "Cindy was the BEST speaker our 12 year event has had to date. She received the highest marks and comments out of all our speakers for that day (and we had some very seasoned and professional speakers – even today, we still receive incredible comments about her presentation.) She was memorable – which is always a huge plus. Our attendees not ONLY learned many wonderful techniques from Cindy – they were inspired by her story and her ability to motivate them in her very unique way. Her talents are diverse and her content is RIGHT on for today’s world.We would have her back in a heartbeat." 

Alison Ruday
Executive Vice President, Marketing & Investor Relations at Canyon View Capital and Past President of the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce

 "Since training with Cindy, I am noticing that people are listening to me more and I am feeling more heard and respected. She was able to pinpoint exactly what was constricting my voice, both physically and emotionally, and give me the exercises I needed. Her insights helped me address fears I didn't know I had, and I was amazed at how quickly my resonance and range expanded, along with my self-awareness and understanding of how past beliefs were keeping me literally silent. Her simple breathing exercises not only expanded my speaking abilities but also helped me release some long-standing pain and tension in my hip joints--a super win and totally unexpected. I highly recommend Cindy for all aspects of voice coaching, whether you plan to stand up in front of thousands, be a better presenter in your business or simply free your speaking voice for your own purposes."

Lise Brenner
Writer, Editor & Communications Coach

 "Cindy was absolutely amazing for our meeting. She gave a very inspirational, uplifting talk to our committee. We started our monthly 2021 meetings with a bang with Cindy as our speaker! Great job Cindy!." 

Louise Connell
Supplier Diversity at BMW Manufacturing Co.

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