It's one thing to be established in your career or business.
It is another to be seen as the top expert in your industry and grow your mission.

How much easier would be to captivate more clients and build influence if you and your team:

➡Communicated with a unified brand voice across all your marketing?
➡Landed ongoing media attention to drive up your visibility? 
➡Partnered with other brands and influencers to drive new prospects your way?

When you rise from established to influential:

➡️ Higher paying clients come to you 
➡️ Bigger influencers and lucrative strategic partners seek YOU out 
➡️ Your impact grows significantly and more. 

We take an integrative approach to ensure that all the pieces of your marketing work together seamlessly.

Popular Services

Our approach focuses on understanding the deeper psychology of your ideal clients and bringing out the human elements of your brand to make real and relevant connections. We only work with businesses whose work is driven from the desire to make a significant impact in the world,' and not from ego, entitlement or prestige.

Services are customized to your objectives and desired results.  All of the following are delivered with both Cindy Ashton and PR Strategist, Christina Daves. Building strategic partnerships services include Executive Producer, Charmaine Hammond. Mindset Coach, Dana Pharant and Fashion Style Strategist, Tania Sterl are brought in when needed. Meet the team >> HERE
Land Media Attention to Skyrocket Authority & Visibility

*Branding, website and social media assessment to be media ready.

*Set up your media query services and create a strategy for regular responding.

*Create boilerplate responses for topics in your industry.

*Establish which media are important for you (trade publications, local media, national) and provide you with contact information for media outlets.

*Learn how to craft winning pitches, find the right journalists, awards you can apply for, how to reach out and follow up.

 *Discuss applicable Editorial Calendars and plan submissions.

*Decide on potential story ideas for magazines and television and timing of submission.

*Layout an evergreen pitching calendar related to your industry.

market with a unified brand voice

*Identify (and develop, if needed) your brand feel, voice and values.

*Create and refine marketing messaging to both reflect brand differentiation as well as positioned to grab attention with compelling 'hooks.'

*Branding, website and social media assessment to ensure consistency in messaging, look and feel.

*Identify the elements that need to be implemented in all communication and marketing to present a unified brand voice.  

*Create social media posts that engage your ideal clients on an emotional level, elicit engagement and builds brand trust.

*Understand how to weave in story  in all your marketing to be more human, personable and compelling in expressing your brand voice. 

*Learn how to build visibility on social media by leveraging influencers and other brands.

Leverage Influencers & Build Strategic Partnerships

*Branding, website and social media assessment to ensure consistency in messaging, look and feel.

*Map out your collaboration goals such as what you results you are looking to achieve.

*Brainstorm your assets and how your brand can create a value for potential partners.  

*Identify brands and influencers who are in alignment with your business and that you would want to collaborate with.

 *Research those potential collaborators and create an engagement strategy.

*Develop a strategic plan to build relationships. reach out and follow up

*Create innovative activations that result in high value for partners.

*Create a strong social media footprint and engagement plan to boost your following online.

*If applicable, create a sponsorship and funding strategy.

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We only work with businesses and leaders whose mission we believe in.
Let’s talk and explore if there is an alignment.